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Custom UAVs/Support/Training/Consulting

  • Are you in need of a custom UAV?  
  • Looking for support on your existing system?  
  • Need hands on flight and technical training?
  • Assistance in developing SFOC SOPs and application? can provide you with a variety of services to help get you in the air successfully and keep you there.

We have done a variety of custom aircraft of the years, from small recreational FPV quadcopters through to large commercial octocopters capable of carrying cameras like the Canon 5D.

Through consultation we can develop the solution best for your needs, and not try and sell you something unneeded, expensive, and complicated.  We always suggest to start small and simple and grow into larger platforms.  The key to success is stick time and experience.

SFOC Assistance

Operating a UAV for commercial purposes is regulated in Canada by Transport Canada.  For most operations this requires a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) to be legal.

The SFOC process can seem daunting and complex to new businesses looking to break into the aerial industry.  The terminology and exact requirements of the application can be overwhelming and there are few avenues for clarification.  We provide a number of in depth articles via our blog to assist those looking to learn more about the requirements and process.

In addition to the free information provided via the blog we also provide tailored consulting services to assist operators in developing the needs standard operation procedures, manuals, and SFOC application.

We have aided numerous operators with the process across all regions of Canada as well as having held our own Standing SFOC in multiple regions the last number of years.  Combined with our research and writings on the subject we are able to cover most all requirements for common UAV operations.

Contact us for specifics on how we can assist you with the SFOC process.